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RESTART Resilience and Training for SMEs


Resilience and Training for SMEs


Against COVID backdrop, the core of the RESTART is to develop innovative training to equip the European VET ecosystem with demand-driven training content to accompany Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and the European workforce in the “resilience journey” of restarting in a post-pandemic socio-economic context.

The target groups are:
1. SMEs, with a focus on microenterprises, that need to reinvent and adapt their business models and operations to a “post-COVID new normal”;
2. Workers and professionals who need to adapt to fast-evolving jobs and functions, through the acquisition of innovative and relevant skills and competences (pertaining to innovative business models, but also concepts of digitalization and sustainability that have been accelerated by the pandemic);
3. The EU VET ecosystem, composed of the plethora of formal and non-formal VET providers that do not have relevant and up-to-date content and courses to accompany SMEs and the workforce in this fast-evolving markets;
4. The entrepreneurship support system that is still anchored to “pre-pandemic” economic models and needs to update and upgrade its provision.

RESTART's objectives are:
1. update and upgrade the entrepreneurship support system to a “post-COVID new normal”;
2. support EU Micro, Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) and workforce in the “resilience journey” of restarting in a postpandemic socio-economic context;
3. improve relevant skills and competencies in up-to-date topics reflecting the market needs;
4. foster knowledge transfer and business model adaptation of Small & Medium-sized Enterprises, with a focus on microenterprises.