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Interregio Forum Association

Interregio Forum Association is a Budapest-based NGO with offices in Szeged and Nyíregyháza, founded in 1997, which has been working since its inception to disseminate and develop innovative ICT-based good practices in the Carpathian Basin and the Danube Region.
Our work is often related to education, but our profile also includes the dissemination of innovative solutions in the field of cultural heritage preservation and the development of sustainable cultural and nature tourism.

The tools we use to achieve our goals in the field of ICT are diverse, ranging from the effective use of mobile devices to the involvement of social networks in all the sectors mentioned above - as we have had the opportunity to participate in the development and testing of innovative ICT-based tools in each of these areas. In our work, we often take advantage of the comparative advantages of international collaborations, thus ensuring the flow of good practices across institutions and organisations, as well as developing our own innovative strengths.

Website: https://interregioforum.hu/

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