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RESTART Resilienza e Formazione per le PMI


Resilienza e Formazione per le PMI

Smart Ri

Smart Ri Ltd. was founded by the City of Rijeka in order to manage the Center of Competence for Smart Cities (CEKOM) project.

The Center of Competence for Smart Cities is a three-year project of national importance, and at the same time the largest development project in Croatia in the field of information and communication solutions, aimed at improving the quality of life of citizens.

The project implies a systematic and innovative approach to the development of the city, management of its resources, processes, and services, with the help of new technologies. This raises the quality of life of citizens and visitors, and enables smart decision-making and management, as well as increased efficiency in terms of planning and achieving savings. Unnecessary waste of the public funds will be avoided, as well as inadequate quality of the public goods and services.

In addition to making optimal use of resources, a smart city simultaneously encourages citizens, communities, scientific research institutions, and entrepreneurs to use the collected data, which increases the possibility of participation in detecting problems and finding solutions. A smart city is also flexible, open, accessible, and focused on citizens, and in the long run it attracts investment, encourages entrepreneurship, increases productivity, and democracy among other things.

The Center of Competence for Smart Cities (CEKOM) implies a partnership in the innovation cluster, which connects economic entities and research institutions on research and development projects in smart cities. The goal is to solve the challenges that cities face, such as transport, energy, ecology, infrastructure, resource management, etc. In the innovation cluster that should make Rijeka the smartest city in Croatia, 20 partners are gathered.

Website: https://smart-ri.hr/?lang=en

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