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WELLBE Academy: Promoting Wellbeing in Small and Medium Enterprises
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WELLBE Academy, a project by PEOPLEwellBe, aims to promote wellbeing in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by providing training and support to enhance the personal and social wellbeing of employees. The project consists of two paths: WELLBE Academy for Organizational and Personal Wellbeing and WELLBE Academy for Work-Life Balance.

The WELLBE Academy for Organizational and Personal Wellbeing offers good practices to improve the promotion of wellbeing in the workplace. It includes an analysis of the organizational climate to improve motivation and satisfaction, focus groups to foster collaboration and positive conflict management, training on the culture of wellbeing and soft skills, and a listening desk for employees to discuss various issues related to work or personal life.

Through anonymous questionnaires, the project measures the organizational climate and wellbeing to identify the gap between the company's expectations and the reality of the employees' experience. This evaluation is essential in designing targeted improvement actions if the gap is significant, generating disappointment, lack of motivation, and a sense of belonging with probable consequent low work performance. Reducing this gap means creating a good working environment and promoting the common commitment towards the organization's objectives.

The WELLBE Academy for Work-Life Balance offers good practices to promote work-life balance, providing employees with support and tools to manage personal and relational difficulties they face in their daily lives. The training focuses on two areas: maternity and parenthood.

The maternity training course addresses women who are going through or returning from maternity leave. The course aims to provide a reflection on oneself and what it means to be a mother while working, seeking to answer all the questions that being a working mother entails. The courses offered are: Becoming a Mother, From Desire to Conception; Rights and Duties Related to Maternity; Postpartum Depression: What It Is, How to Recognize It, and How to Treat It; Returning to Work after Maternity Leave: How to Manage New Responsibilities, Emotional Burdens, and Guilt; and Work-Life Balance: Legal Instruments.

The parenthood training course covers the themes of raising children and the issues of separation/divorce. Through sharing and reflection, this area deepens the questions and significant changes, positive and negative, that being a parent entails. The courses offered are: Parenting in the Third Millennium: How to Perform Your Role Effectively; Understanding Your Child's Behaviors: Should I Be Worried?; Parenting a Teenager: Is There a Winning Educational Style?; Separation, Divorce, and Child Custody: Legal Aspects; Female Leadership: Joys and Sorrows of Your Career; Disability and Illness in the Family: How the Law Can Help.

The WELLBE Academy project provides small and medium enterprises with the opportunity to choose the paths that best meet their specific needs. By investing in organizational culture, continuous training, a positive and motivating environment that offers opportunities for sharing and support among employees, the project improves brand awareness and the growth opportunities of its collaborators.

Target group of the case study:
Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)
Employees of MSMEs
The EU VET ecosystem
Business support organizations
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