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RESTART Resilience and Training for SMEs


Resilience and Training for SMEs



What is the RESTART Project?

RESTART project, which brings together seven partners from six countries (Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Belgium and Spain) and is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, aims to develop innovative training solutions and tools to improve and advance entrepreneurship education and training across the VET ecosystem, addressing the needs emerging from digitalisation and climate change.


What is an OER platform?

OER stands for Open Educational Resources. An OER platform is a digital platform where you can find training, documents, materials and other educational content completely free and open for anyone to use and take advantage of.

What can I find on the RESTART OER Platform?

On RESTART's digital platform you will be able to find the main results of the project, which are: - Restart Model. A series of reports assessing the state of MSMEs in the consortium countries and the EU, and reflecting on the emergence of new and evolving needs for training, upskilling, and retraining due to the impact of COVID-19 on MSMEs. - Training & Tools. You will find 7 training courses accompanied by case studies, videos and other materials, around 4 macro-areas: Digital Transformation, Innovation & Servitization, Localization, and Sustainability. - Guidelines. RESTART Position Paper & Mainstreaming Guidelines represent the operational climate of RESTART that culminates with results to amplify and maximise impact of the project at systemic level while deepening and widening its range. You can also find information about the project, community, news, among others.

Training & Tools

Can I get a certificate of the training?

At the end of each training module, and after successfully passing the self-assessment test, you will be able to enter your name and obtain a digital certificate of completion issued by the consortium. Feel free to enter your name, we do not store your information.

Can I send feedback about the training?

Yes, each course has two systems for assessing quality. You can submit a 5-star rating, or click on "Feedback form" and send us a more specific feedback including your comments. Your comments will always be anonymous. Your feedback matters to us!




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