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RESTART Resilience and Training for SMEs


Resilience and Training for SMEs

RESTART Kick-Off Meeting

Official statistics state that 75% of Europeans do not undertake any entrepreneurial Education through their educational systems. New challenges, that have arisen due to the climate crisis as well as the everchanging business environment affected by the global pandemic, created opportunities for new and revealed weaknesses of established ventures.

Entrepreneurs and their employees face the necessity to adapt and evolve to new arisen challenges/opportunities as moving to the online or driving innovations & servitization. The Climate crisis underlines the great importance of the topic of sustainability and local action. Developing digital readiness, resilience, and capacity is a fundamental prerequisite when addressing digital transformation.

The main goal of the RESTART project is to develop innovative training solutions and tools to enhance and advance entrepreneurship education and training across the VET ecosystem by addressing the needs shaped by digitalization and climate change.